Complex cases,
nothing left to hide?


Designed to improve treatment quality
  • Isolate the tooth of interest
  • Clearly visualize the tooth anatomy in 3D2
  • Identify all canals2
  • Anticipate risky areas2

Know what to expect
  • Evaluate 3D working length and cavity access depth
  • Locate canal orifices without opening the tooth
  • Plan for an optimal cavity access and your final instrument
  • Simple and consistent methodology for all cases2

An intuitive way to analyze CBCT scan data3
  • Simple and consistent methodology for all cases
  • Know how to use the software in 30 min4
  • Quick  & Easy to use5

A note from Dr. Shanon Patel

“3D Endo™ Software by Dentsply Sirona is a novel and exciting software to use with CBCT in endodontics. This dedicated software should result in more efficient endodontic treatment.”

—Shanon Patel



  1. CBCT: Cone Beam Computed Tomography.
  2. Depending on scan quality and resolution. See Technical Specification for details.
  3. CBCT usage is recommended for complex cases_ Refer to ESE and AAE position statements for details.
  4. After a 30 min. training, all new users were able to complete a treatment plan and rated this software as “easy to use”. Source: internal data.
  5. Out of 20 new users that received a 30min training, average time to complete an upper molar case treatment plan was 12 min and 30% of respondents were able to finish in less than 10 min. Data on file. Source: internal data.

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Thank you for your interest

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